You ordered BBQ Chicken Pizza last midnight from Dominos, but you had to wake up early for your work, so you ate only two slices. You decided to eat the remaining slices in your breakfast. You needed to sleep as soon as possible. So you left the pizza on your dining table. Your alarm rings at 7 A.M, you get up from the bed then go to the kitchen to have a glass of water. Guess what! Your pizza is there. But, only a few sides of the pizza are left over. Who ate it?
You do not need to call a detective to search who ate it when you already know it. The culprits are the rats in your home. People sometimes take them from granted until they create trouble in your residence.

How do rats become a menace for you?


Everyone would want to get rid of them. But, to remove them from your home, it is important to know how bad they are for you. Please, read the following information:

They eat every important thing!

From peanut butter to wood equipment, plastic, even the bricks which are used to construct your wall. Your kitchen can be one of their favourite places. They can enter the cupboard, refrigerator, etc. The rats gnaw a lot, so their front teeth grow fast.

The short circuit in bungalows can be caused because the rats chew the electric wiring. I wonder, if your baby chews the electric wiring it will get electrocuted. But why don’t they? 

Rats chew the insulation present in the wires. They love the heat in them.
Pipelines can constantly leak as rats require a lot of water for their survival, so they gnaw the water pipes, which can lead to water shortage and wastage?

They dig deeper!

If they had sense, humans could have hired these rodents to dig the gold mines. They are good at digging. To find an abode, the rats can dig the ground of your basement, garage. 

The steel foundations can become weaker due to their digging; it is extremely dangerous for your home as well. The empty spaces created due to their digging can lead to seeping of water.

You should still be concerned if they are in your neighbourhood because they dig the ground beneath the trees as well, which can make the trees fall on the house beside it.

They spread diseases!

Картинки по запросу They spread diseases rat

They are dirty; they attract the germs which can catch the humans. The rats were responsible for the Plague. Even if you do not touch them, they will touch your belongings, which can give birth to various diseases.

They are smelly!

Some people keep rats as their pets. That is very surprising. The presence of rats in your home can cause the smell, which can spread into the wooden walls, carpets, clothes.

Methods to control them

Life is full of happiness and sadness! Don’t worry; we will suggest the ways which can help you to get rid of the rats from your home.
Do not waste your efforts on things which are useless. Kindly, have a look at the proven ways which can help you control the rodents:

You must familiarize with the rats
We are not asking you to make friends with them. But, underestimating your enemy is also wrong. They are intelligent beings.
Some facts about them:

  • Rats laugh when they play.
  • Some of them can swim long distances.
  • Their tails maintain their body temperature.
  • Baby rats are born after every 3 weeks (not in all the cases).

Do some inspection yourself

Картинки по запросу Do some inspection yourself rat

Go to your lawn early morning to see if there are any big holes. The rats would always want to enter your house. Try to look for the marks on your door, venting fan. Those marks are made with the molars and incisors, which are their front and rear teeth.

Be strict with them!

You need to control them in the best manner. They are not like cats and dogs to them you can shower love, and you can keep them as pets because they are not destructive animals. 

Scrutinize the outside of your residence. Rodents find the entrance to your home via small holes and openings, for example, through chimney and vents.

Check your toilet as well; they can also enter via your toilet bowl. Try to keep your commode closed with a cover and also keep your toilet door closed. So, rats do not enter your room from there.

Contact the Green Rat Control as soon as possible. It will close all the openings with sealant (polyurethane) and steel.
Furthermore, Green Rat Control suggests you to also keep a mice catcher daily with peanut butter to rat trap them on your roof.
Your chimney and vents need to be capped with wire caps. This is not very expensive. So, don’t worry. 

Important mouse controlling methods

Картинки по запросу Important mouse controlling methods

Whenever you have finished your work in the kitchen, clean the countertop, stove and the floor. The leftover attracts them a lot.

They are lovers of Chocolate, Bacon; Hazelnut spread, Granola bars, flour, Sugar. Keep all the food in airtight containers.
Although mice are not strong enough to open your cupboard and refrigerators, just for the safe side, lock them when you sleep.
The difference between a human and an animal is that of cleanliness. Humans should always remain clean. They must also keep their homes clean. The dirty clothes should go to laundry soon. Wrapper thrown in the bins.
Cotton material is good if kept inside the locked wardrobes. Old newspapers can be packed in boxes. Moreover, dental floss and other related items should not be left open. Don’t adopt acts that welcome the rats.
Before you go to sleep, don’t keep your garbage bins inside your home. Always keep it outside. If there is food inside the garbage, then there is a chance that it can be a favourite place of the rodents.
If you have any machinery inside your garage, keep it covered and clean. They can find insulation, fabric, and wiring material there. In case the rodent dies there, we bet you cannot remove the odour easily.

Do not think; it is time to act now. The rats are a threat to a happy life. You do not know how your future can be affected because of the rats in your home.