Best Mouse Repellents

Life has become very busy. A person spends more time at work than his or her own home. To cope up with all these differences, one is not able to prevent rodents such as mouse from settling in your home. This is the reason we are suggesting you buy one or all of these mice repellant to minimize the presence of the mice in your home. You will find the following details about the best mouse repellants useful:

Repeller Drops by Victor

Картинки по запросу Repeller Drops by Victor

The mice get irritated with this drop. It is perfect for a small indoor area. It is not an overpowering pungent smell. Victor drops are made up of peppermint oil.

You can prevent the mice from entering cupboards, drawers, bathrooms and other congested places. It is clean and hassle-free to use, unlike the mouse traps. Drop these repellers at any place, and for 60 days its effect will remain.

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Pest Repellerby TangN

Картинки по запросу Pest Repeller TangN

It is not difficult to handle; it has electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves to make the rats afraid of making their way into your home. You need to switch it, and its frequency will repel the mice

The chip inside the machine is repelled and turned away from entering the house. The device has been given full-time guarantee and warranty. It costs $10.99.

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Pest Repellent for Indoor/Outdoor by Ever Pest

Картинки по запросу Pest Repellent for Indoor/Outdoor by Ever Pest

Its ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves operate both indoor and outdoor to an 1800 square feet range with a voltage of 110/220. This means that the mouse in your home will have to run away as soon as possible.

The beauty of this repelling invention revolves around safety precautions and standards which will keep the small children and your pet animals safe.

When you switch on the repeller, for one week, the pests increase in your home as they are rushing to go out of the home. It happens due to confusion and irritation which make those insects run away.

The manufacturer suggests you use it for 3-4 weeks, which is equivalent of a month for better results.

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Solar PoweredRepellentby Anglink

Картинки по запросу Solar Powered Repeller buy Anglink

The solar power comes with an added battery charger, which forces the insects to change their decision to enter your home. The device also has LED lights. 

Also, it has a motion sensor which will alarm the user of this repeller about the presence of a rodent. It is waterproof, so just in case if you jump into the swimming pool and have the repellent in your pocket. Water will not harm this Ultrasonic Animal Repellent device.

It works to an area of 900 square feet and identifies the pests till 29.5 feet. The manufacturer gives you a one year warranty. It costs $21.99.

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Organic Spray by Eco-Defense

Картинки по запросу Organic Spray by Eco-Defense

The organic repeller is a spray which could be used both inside and outside your home. It is a composure of essential oils which repels the mice but gives a soothing effect to humans.

It does not have deadly poisonous chemicals which can kill the rats and cause an odour in your home. The company offers you full money back guarantee in case you do not like the spray in 2 months. It only costs $34.95.

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Rats Repellent Pellets by Victor

Картинки по запросу Rats Repellent Pellets by Victor

These biodegradable pellets are designed to cover the requirement of 100 linear feet, keeping the rats away from your house. It is natural and very cheap.

It is non-poisonous and harmless for the people and pets nearby. To use the pellets, just spread them in a band with a maximum three wide inches area. You will gradually see the rodents moving away from your home. You can get it for $9.99 only.

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